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A breakdown of  AMC's PREACHER with direct comparison to Garth Ennis' 1990s graphic novel

Recent Episodes

Episode 28

This week we return to our normal format after some time and it felt good to be back. We have a fun one this week. We have a debate on Sweetbitter on STARZ and whether it's good or not after 3 episodes. We also have a debate about whether Sweetbitter is better than The Monster Project. Yes, we know they're not at all the same but you'll hear our ridiculous reasoning. We also talk about Animal Kingdom, the first 2 episodes of 13 Reasons Why Season 2, John Mulaney's "Kid Gorgeous", Atlanta's season finale, and of course we get into Deadpool 2 (come's us).  

We hope you enjoy this week's show, ad if you do, pass it on.

Hear Dan's appearance on the Horribly Awkward PodcastEpisode 132 with Shawn Fuller

Find Shawn on Twitter at @Awkward_Podcast

Episode 28 Pregame


This week on the pregame:

  • Steve almost died (no, really)
  • Dan made an appearance on the Horribly Awkward Podcast
  • Find out which one of us owned a pink VW Beetle with a heart on it
  • Crashed Nissans
  • Blah blahs, and stammers. 

That pretty much sums it up. Now please enjoy Episode 28's  Pregame. 

Hear Dan's appearance on the Horribly Awkward Podcast Episode 132 with Shawn Fuller

Find Shawn on Twitter at @Awkward_Podcast

Episode 27- Avengers: Infinity War (SPOILERS)


What’s up, everyone ? Dan here. The fact that you’re reading this is amazing to me. I’ve been editing podcasts since 2005. THIS SHOW... was the absolute worst experience I’ve ever had editing.  I recently switched from PC to Mac. Easy enough. But I f***ed up. To spare you the long story, I made a mistake and did something that  PCs say “no problem” to but Macs say “no dice.” to. I had to edit this show (the longest show we’ve ever done) THREE TIMES!!!

Anyway.. sorry for the tardiness. I realize you may have heard a million reviews already but if you're down for one more, It’s time to talk Infinity War. This week, we have Johnny Bucks with us and he kills it. Steve is only around for half the show but also kills it. I’ll be honest: They we’re so good that after editing this so many times, I found out that I listened more than I spoke.  Johnny and I bring it home for the second half. 

AIW was such an amazing movie that we had to do a long show this time. If you managed to make it all the way through, we thank you. 

ALSO: Make sure to stick around for The Big MC as he gives us his abridged thoughts as well. It's right after the outro.

Now, Friends...... Please enjoy Episode 27- Avengers: Infinity War.

Heroes of Noise One Shot: The Cobra Kai Review

 Greeting Citizens! Dan was a bit too excited to wait to give you his thoughts on YouTube Red's Original series "Cobra Kai". It;s been too long since we've reviewed so here's a mini "one shot" of Dan giving his initial thoughts after binging the entirety of Cobra Kai Season One. Don't forget: On Episode 27 we go deep into Avengers: Infinity War. See you then. 

Episode 26 "Raw Doggin' It Pt Deux: Woopity Scoop"

We're back with one last loose episode before we dive deep into Avengers Infinity War on Episode 27. Don't worry folks. The train gets back on track next week. As far as movies and TV go, we do get into a non-spoiler Avengers Infinity War "warm up" for next week and give some very brief thoughts on what we thought of the movie. We also give some high praise to Atlanta S2E9. We even ponder just what the hell is wrong with Kanye.

  Thanks for rolling with us the past couple of weeks. We really appreciate it and hope you tell someone about Heroes of Noise. 

And now...Episode 26

Episode 25 "Raw Doggin' It"


First off, if you're new to the show, this is not how we normally do the main podcast. This one is more like one of our pregames where we sit and chat about anything and everything. We were honestly just too busy this week to watch anything new. People ask us all the time how we're able to watch as much as we do. Here's the truth: Sometimes...we just can't. 

 That said, we didn't want to come off lazy. We had to at least put something down for you so in a moment of tackiness, we decided to "raw dog" and episode.  You'll even get a tutorial on cooking a rocking steak. We can't expect you to show up if we can't be consistent. We promise we'll be back next week with the goods, but for now please enjoy this longer version of one of our Pregames. 

BTW, what do you honestly think of our Pregame shows? We want to know if they're something you want us to continue with. We put out a call to our longtime listeners to answer this question. Don't be shy. Let us know.

Lastly, pardon the tardiness but I made the switch from PC to Mac and got a new MacBook Pro. There was a bit of a learning curve using Logic Pro X to edit the show. Someone almost found a free Macbook laying on the side of the road. I swear this almost didn't come out. Sorry in advance if there are some mistakes. I promise I'll get back on track.

 And now... Episode 25: The Episode That Almost Wasn't

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