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 Cohost  / CoProducer of the Heroes of Noise Podcast and The Word: The Unofficial Preacher Podcast, Golden tones, Man of music and mystery, Adjectives 



Cohost / Producer of Heroes of Noise Podcast and The Word: The Unofficial Preacher Podcast. Sights and Sounds. Extremely handsome when in a room full of ugly people. 

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The Heroes of Noise Podcast

A weekly, fan-based podcast discussing, movies, tv, music, comics, and all aspects of pop culture new and old.


The Word: The Unofficial PREACHER Podcast

A breakdown of  AMC's PREACHER with direct comparison to Garth Ennis' 1990s graphic novel


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Recent Heroes of Noise Episodes

Episode 60 - Hamsters and Dinosaurs, Triple Frontier, Captive State, Shrill, and The Disney Merger


Greetings Citizens! It's a new week and that means it's time for another session with the Heroes of Noise.

This week on Episode 60:

  • Could the first movie from Heroes of Noise Productions be on the way?
  • Dan has a new impersonation for Steve
  • Is it possible for angry people to be compelled to whistle?
  • Where the hell do hamsters come from exactly?
  • Steve and Dan have both watched Triple Frontieron Netflix as well as Shrillin Hulu.
  • Dan gives his thoughts on his recent viewing of Captive State.
  • The Disney / Fox merger is complete. Now what?

There's also listener mail and more. We hope you enjoy this week's show. Let's do this, people. Time to press 'Play". 🤘🏽✊🏾

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Episode 59 - Icon Cancellations, NKOTB Flashback, Captain Marvel Thoughts, The Harry Potter Division




 Greetings Citizens of planet C-35!  We're back with another one.

This week we're joined by Melissa Sloter from Wild Pretty Things Podcast and Rebekah Dahling from the Number One Comic Books podcast. We've been wanting to have them on for some time now and they didn't disappoint. This conversation goes all over the place and that's just the way we like it.  We cover everything from

  • Steve and Rebekah's love for NKOTB
  • The cancellation of Michael Jackson and the reluctance to do so.
  • Melissa gets to give her long-overdue opinion on MGK vs Eminem
  • Rebekah and Melissa tell it like it is
  • A divided room regarding Harry Potter and a shocking statement regarding Willy Wonka 

We also give our thoughts on Captain Marvel and the movie's effect on us. We'd like to thank Rebekah and Melissa for coming on and we hope to have them back soon.

Ok, folks. Time to push "play". 


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Episode 58 - Dan's Food Truck Dreams, Steve's White Board Thoughts, Earthquakes and Tornadoes


Greetings citizens! Pardon our late appearance but ya boys are back with another one.

This week we learn Dan has aspirations of running a food truck, There's a possible Blade Remake happening at dome point. How will we find out? Steve clears off his white board to make room, Dan talks about his tornado experience, the discussion on whether women have butt fetishes like guys do, and we briefly discuss Alita Battle Angel and Doom Patrol's Cyborg.  More on Doom Patrol next episode.

Let's do it, folks. We kept you waiting. Time to push "Play".

We'll be back next week with some special guests.

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Episode 57 - The End To Trilogy (But Wait! It Get's Worse)


Greetings, citizens! First and foremost we're sorry you didn't get this episode much earlier. We recorded it on Sunday. Folks...this episode was a BITCH to put up. From technical difficulties while recording, to file problems, to computer problems...it was like it didn't want to be put out. Nevertheless, here it is. The last in the trilogy of Steve's "hangups". We wanted to call it "The Babadook Series" (you'll hear why), but that would be false advertising to any new listeners. That's just a small part of this episode though.

Here are just a few things we discuss:

  • Attention Deficit Order's introduction of "Duck Butter" to us.
  • Jason Mamoa vs Lenny Kravitz: whose got worse Duck Butter
  • The coolness factor of Billy Dee Williams
  • Listener mail / voicemail
  • The joy of kegeling
  • Catching "The Babadook"
  • Wedding songs
  • The Billy Joel concert fiasco
  • The fantastic weekend of Johnny Bucks
  • The podcast family
  • Steve's definition of a "quickie"

 And there's plenty more. Seriously.

 So for now, sit back, press "play" and enjoy the ridiculousness that is Heroes of Noise Episode 57.

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Episode 56 - Saving Lives, Oral Cancer Fallout, and The Not Buying It Quiz


Greeting Citizens! We're back with what we want you to think of as a prelude to this weekend's show. At the last minute we decided to give you 2 shows this week. We're treating this one like a pregame and recording the big show this Saturday. Cool? Cool!

So for those of you that have been around, you know how it goes. Here come the tangents. When the show starts out we learn Dan can save your life and he tells you how you can save one too. We learn that apple cider vinegar does not feel good shooting through your nostrils and this inspires more health related information.

Listener feedback gets us back into last week's discussion about whether oral sex by itself gives you throat cancer (Spoilers: NOT the case). However, Steve's requesting documentation from future partners and drawing a line in the sand with the whole thing.

We cap things off with a quiz and see if Dan's buying it. How does he do? That's for you to find out. So that's it. Push "play", have fun, and we'll talk to you this weekend. We hope you enjoy Episode 56. 🤘🏽✊🏾


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Episode 55 - Child's Play , Ma , Aladdin, Pen15, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Trigger Warning


Greetings Citizens! Welcome to the big show! Episode 55 is here for your listening pleasure.

This week Steve is back in action but Dan has caught the bug unfortunately. That doesn't stop us from having plenty to talk about.

Right off the bat we want to let you know that this episode is a WHOLE LOT of random conversation for the first 70 min. You've Been Warned.

The topics include a man killing a mountain lion with his bare hands, Valentine's Day,  Dan got his Coheed and Cambria / Mastodon tickets, Brushes with celebrity and the possible reactions they might induce, and throat cancer from oral sex (Sorry). 

We eventually work our way into discussing our watches for the week which include the Childs Play, Ma, Frozen 2, and Aladdintrailers. Dan has watched Pen15on Hulu, the 35th Anniversary of Nightmare on Elm Streetat the cinema, Steve gives a mea culpa about Russian doll, and we both have some ...well, let's just say some words about Killer Mike's Trigger Warningon Netflix.

It's time to press "play" folks. But before you do...  

Please do us a huge solid and vote for Heroes of Noise in the My Rode Cast Competition here.

Help your boys get a win. We'd really appreciate it. Thank you in advance!

Podcasts mentioned in this episode: Pop Culture Leftovers, Number One Comics, Nobody Asked You Kevin, and The Reel Zodiac.

Check them out!

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Recent The Word: The Unofficial PREACHER Podcast Episodes

SEASON 3 FINALE!! S3E10 - " The Light Above"


Ladies and Gentlemen of The Congregation....

We are already done with Season 3 of PREACHER. Seriously, it just flew by. On our S3 finale, we go in depth on Episode 10 "The Light Above". SPOILERS: This episode crushed it. But not without a cost. We say goodbye to some people that put in legendary performances.

We at The Word want to let you know that we're not going away any time soon. We're just changing hats. If you like what we've been doing and want to keep listening, there's a simple solution: Subscribe to our other podcast Heroes of Noise. (Show info below). You'll get us weekly and we're always talking about something different.

Lastly, we want to thank you for listening to The Word week after week. Your participation is what makes us want to do this show. We appreciate all of your emails, voicemails, and tweets that you send to us. It truly keeps us going. We've met some amazing people through this show.

We hope you subscribe to Heroes of Noise and we look forward to entertaining you for a long time. If you only listen to The Word, then we will (hopefully) be talking to you again next June. 

OK, enough with the sentimental shit. You have a show to listen to. 

Thanks for listening to The Word!


S3E09 - " Schwanzkopf"


People?... We're all the way to the end. 1 more episode left. Where fit the time go? On the penultimate episode of The Word S3E09 "Schwanzkopf" we put in work. We warn you: We were on one when we hit "Record" this week. This episode is a long one, but we don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. But there may have been a gas leak, because we go all over the place. Truth be told, this may be one of our favorite episodes of The Word just because we had a blast recording it. If you've been around for a while, we just get on that "Steve and Dan Bullshit" like we do on Heroes of Noise

(our other podcast, if you're new. Oh and welcome! Where ya been?).

Heads up that we're pre recording the finale this weekend on Sunday afternoon. We'd love to hear from all of you one last time this season. Make sure to leave us a voicemail or email so we don't miss you all too much. Let us know how we did this season. What did you like? What didn't you like? Get your messages to us by Saturday to insure we put it on the show.  

Like we said, this is. along one so we'll take no more of your time here.

Please enjoy The Word: The Unofficial PREACHER Podcast - "Schwanzkopf"


Bonus Episode!!! HOOVERSTONE: Julie Ann Emery and Malcolm Barrett Interview


We couldn't go out this year without giving you something BIG! In addition to this weeks's breakdown, please enjoy The Word's gift to you this season: "Hooverstone - The Julie Ann Emery and Malcolm Barrett Interview".

That's right Herr Starr's two top agents (Whether he wants it that way or not) stopped by to chat with Dan and it was an absolute blast having them on. Get to know these two amazing people and understand why their dynamic is so great on PREACHER.They even do a little Q and A with some of our longtime listeners that have reached out to the show over the years.

We can't thank Julie and Malcom enough for coming on and hope to have them on again sometime.

Now then, strap in and get those ears ready. The Grail is about to speak. Enjoy!

Julie Ann Emery Social Media: 

Twitter: @JulieAnnEmery

Instagram: @JulieAnnEmery

Facebook: Julie Ann Emery

Malcolm Barrett Social Media

Twitter: @MalcolmBarrett

Website: www.ammotheatre.com

Instagram: @verbalberappin

Please be so kind as to leave us a 5 star review on iTunes and Stitcher. We'd really appreciate it. Help us to become the top PREACHER podcast this year. Thanks in advance!

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S3E08 - "The Tom / Brady"


People of the Congregation, We're happy to give you our latest episode a day early. This week we talk S3E08 of PREACHER. This one's called "The Tom/Brady" and to be honest, we had mixed feelings about this one. Don't worry. You're not about to listen to a PREACHER bashing. We're just letting you know up top. 

Steve also makes an early exit due to commitment and Dan flies solo for the last 15 min or so. We have voice and emails from 3 of our listeners (thanks to all that sent messages). Sorry time didn't permit for everyone's emails and voicemails to get played.

We still go over quite a lot in this episode and we hope you did it. Now hit "Play" and let's get caught up. Peace!

Please be so kind as to leave us a 5 star review on iTunes and Stitcher. We'd really appreciate it. Help us to become the top PREACHER podcast this year. Thanks in advance!

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S3E07 - "Hilter"


Good morning, good evening, and good afternoon! People of the Congregation...We are back with yet another episode of The Word. This week we go deep into talking about What we both agree is the episode with the best writing of the season. S3E07 "Hilter" came out swinging. 

Time to listen up and dive deep, people. There's only 3 episodes left. Where are we going? What happens next? Who lives and who dies? Let's see if we can't find out together. 

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you our breakdown of "Hilter". Enjoy!

We now have a new voicemail page. Record right from your computer or phone. Talk to us!

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S3E06 - "Les Enfants du Sang"


Thriced blessed are we, O'Congregation! Welcome to a belated episode of The Word. This week we unpack PREACHER S3E06 - "Les Enfants du Sang". We also get into the big differences between the comic as well as thisversion of Eccarius. So..."SPOILERS" I guess.

We know we're late so we appreciate if you waited for us. You're getting it the day before Ep 7, but look at it this one like it's last minute cramming right before the big test. Let's get down to it then. Please enjoy. 

OH! Make sure you go to our brand new voicemail page and say hi to us. We'll be sure to play it on the show.


Past Interviews

The Julie Ann Emery Interview


How about a bonus episode?  You got it, and what an episode it is! This week Dan got to chat with the lovely and talented Julie Ann Emery, aka Featherstone in AMC's PREACHER ( I KNOW!!!! RIGHT?!!)

Get ready to be charmed by this amazing woman. Seriously. She's the bee's knees.

Follow Julie Ann Emery:

Twitter: @JulieAnnEmery

Instagram: @JulieAnnEmery

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The Dave Blass Interview


Question: Who's got the Congregation's back?

Answer: We do, of course!

Please enjoy this bonus episode of The Word Podcast. In this episode, Dan sits down with Dave Blass, Production designer for AMC's PREACHER, 3 time Emmy nominee for his work in Justified and Constantine, and hero of Twitter and that's just scratching the surface.

Dave is a great story teller and you can learn a lot about him in this episode.

Dave is awesome at interacting with hi s followers on Twitter. Follow him. That's an order.

Twitter: @DaveBlass

Website: Dave Blass Production Design 

Instagram: @BlackhawkDesign

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HOOVERSTONE: Julie Ann Emery and Malcolm Barrett Interview



We couldn't go out this year without giving you something BIG! In addition to this weeks's breakdown, please enjoy The Word's gift to you this season: "Hooverstone - The Julie Ann Emery and Malcolm Barrett Interview".

That's right Herr Starr's two top agents (Whether he wants it that way or not) stopped by to chat with Dan and it was an absolute blast having them on. Get to know these two amazing people and understand why their dynamic is so great on PREACHER.They even do a little Q and A with some of our longtime listeners that have reached out to the show over the years.

We can't thank Julie and Malcom enough for coming on and hope to have them on again sometime.

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Bonus Episode: Interview With Summer of 84 Screenwriters Matt Leslie and Stephen J Smith [SPOILERS]







On this bonus episode of Heroes of Noise Dan sits down with screenwriters Matt Leslie and Stephen J Smith to talk about all things Summer of 84. Learn how they met, their introduction to RKSS, the casting process, future endeavors and more. These guys were great and we wholeheartedly thank them for stopping by Heroes of Noise to chat it up. 

And now, please enjoy another Heroes of Noise Interview with screenwriters Matt Leslie and Stephen J Smith.

Matt and Stephen's contact information:

Matt's Twitter: @MatthewGLeslie

Stephen's Twitter: @TheWriteSJSmith

Website: www.smithandleslie.com

Summer of 84 Twitter: @Summerof84Movie

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Episode 53 - An Exclusive Interview with Video Palace Cowriters Ben Rock and Bob DeRosa


Greeting Citizens! Dan Here. Steve is taking a well-deserved week off so since we couldn't bring you a regular episode, we thought we'd make up for it in a big way:

This week I had the chance to sit down with Ben Rock, Co-writer and director, and Bob DeRosa, Co-writer of the Shudder exclusive podcast Video Palace. Yes..The one I can't stop talking about.

These guys were so great to chat with. Very friendly and they had a ton to say about Video Palace. I'm happy to report that with the exception of a few veryminor details, this is a non-spoiler interview so feel safe to dive right in. 

We'll be back next week with a regular show. But for now, pop those earbuds in, push "play" and sit back and enjoy this exclusive interview, courtesy of ya boys.

Thanks again to Ben and Bob for stopping by. It was a blast. Make sure and check out their info below:

Bob DeRosa's Twitter: @thembob

Ben Rock Twitter: @neptunesalad 

Website: benrockonline.com

See Ben and Bob's web series 20 Seconds To Live


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Pop Culture Leftovers


Every week Pop Culture Leftovers brings you the latest news in geek related movies, television and comic books.

We discuss them. We review them. We rate them. We just don’t do it as well as the other podcasts.

It’s like if you had a rash but no money or health insurance but knew a guy that knew a guy who was once next door neighbors with a dermatologist and needed an opinion on said rash.

That’s us.


Horribly Awkward Podcast


"Why be a professional when I could just be myself?"


Attention Deficit Order




Wild Pretty Things


" A podcast about dangerous women and women in danger"


Blerds R Us


A weekly podcast with Two Blerds ACE and BIG T Talking shit about Movies, Gaming, Comics and  Anime 


The Reel Zodiac


The Reel Zodiac is a podcast that works in a way of dishing out movie reviews in a new, inventive style. Derived from the name, the guys discuss movies that fit into a Zodiac genre that matches a Zodiac sign. Pretty Interesting right? Movies are discussed from the 1930s to the current year. See you on the other side of the reel!